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Party Balloons


Party/Venue Rates & Options

We offer everything you need to book a memorable party or event!

We can host anything from:

- Kids Birthday parties (boys/girls)

- Adults Birthday parties

- Bachelorettes

- Baby Showers

- Ladies Night

- Divorce Parties 

- Almost anything you can think of!

We can teach one of the following activities at your event!

- Aerial Hammock

- Aerial Silks

- Pole Fitness

- Lyra/Aerial Hoop

- Bungee Fitness

- Yoga

- Stretch & Flexibility classes

If you would like to just rent the venue, we have studio rental options as well.  Please E-mail to inquire


* Pole fit instruction up to 18 Participants (2 people per pole after 10 participants

* Aerial Yoga & Silks instruction up to 12

* Bungee Fit instructor can accommodate up to 8 

** For childrens' parties we can instruct up to 8 children at a time

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